Robot Mart introduces Cryptocurrency payment app, “Robot Mart Challet iOS Version”

This time, the iOS version released on April 25
Unattended convenience store robot mart dedicated application,
Robot Mart Challet is now available in stores.

What is a Cryptocurrency payment app, Robot Mart Challet

You can use the Cryptocurrency Ethereum for cashless payment at Robot Mart.
In addition, it is an application that implements various functions such as chat function that can transfer Cryptocurrency between individuals, wallet function, browsing the latest information of Robot Mart.
Payment methods will be gradually expanded with updates.

Five main functions

●App Store :
Supported version: iOS11 or higher
● Supported languages
Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean
● Supported cryptocurrencies (virtual currencies)
* The payment method will be credit card payment or bank transfer.
● Price
Free download
* A separate mining fee is required for using cryptocurrencies (virtual currencies).

How to use in stores

When you place a product at the Robot Mart cash register, a QR code containing the information of the total price is displayed on the monitor.
Read the QR code with the camera of the robot mart and tap the “pay” button to pay at the cash register at the store.
* It is necessary to transfer the cryptocurrency (virtual currency) to Robot Mart Challet in advance
* Currently, there are only two types of payments that can be used with Robot Mart: “Robot Mart Challet” and “PayPay”

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