Robot Mart “Mini” has started!

Robot Mart has started a convenience store business in the office, “Roboma mini”!

What is Robot Mart mini?

Eating sweets and drinking juices in the office …
Want to spend a comfortable office life?

Unmanned convenience store 3 seconds walk from office!
Smaller, more convenient while answering your needs!!

It is a service to pay by QR code settlement without cash.

Read PeyPey,
Just fill in the amount!

  1. Product line-up
  2. Frequently Asked Questions
  3. Contact Us

1.Product lineup

Robomamini has over 50 items! Continue to increase! Can be added on request!
The main products are as follows!

2. Frequently asked questions
  • Q How long until installation?
  • There is confirmation of the installation location, etc., depending on the situation.

  • Q Is there an installation fee?
  • There is no need to pay for the installation, but you will be charged for the electricity when installing a beverage refrigerator.

  • Q Are there any disadvantages when quitting?
  • If you stop, there are no special restrictions.

3. Contact
What do you think? Contact us here!